Founder of “Wine House” LLC Garush Samvelyan is a hereditary winemaker. His father, Aleksander Samvelyan was a famous scientist in the field of winemaking who had PhD in technical Sciences, and was an Academician of the International Academy of Wine and Viticulture. He dedicated his entire life to the development of Winemaking and had invaluable contribution in Armenian Winemaking Industry.

His mother has a PhD in Agricultural Sciences and works in the Scientific Center of Enology and Viticulture in the Republic of Armenia. She studies different grape varieties and conducts winemaking trials.

The Founder of the Company Garush Samvelyan graduated with Honors Diploma from Armenian Agricultural Academy and further pursued his Post Graduate Studies in Yalta, the Crimea, in the World Famous Enology and Viticulture Institute of Magarach, where he received Scientific Degree of the Phd of Technical Sciences. Since 1985 he has been engaged in Winemaking, in the meantime continuing Research and Teaching practice.